This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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MD, Global Contact & Digital Channels
Director Customer Retention
Senior Director, Commercial Systems
Director, Lodging Operations (EMEA)
B2B Customer Care Director
Chief Consultant


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Olga QUIROSDirector, Lodging Operations (EMEA)
Expedia CZ

What Is Your Bot Strategy? Let’s chat…

Are you planning to integrate bots into your Omni-channel strategy? Together we will discover some of the benefits of doing so, as well as how to integrate this channel with the existing ones.

  • Are bots here to stay?
  • Humanization vs. bots
  • Enhancing your contact strategy with bots
Raymond LOHRDirector Customer Retention

Successful Commercial Strategies in Customer Care

 In Telecommunications, the Customer Care channel can play a crucial role in retention and effectively expanding revenue per customer.

This presentation aims to provide you with inspiration on culture management, digital tools and marketing.

  • How care has become Vodafone’s 2nd largest commercial channel
  • The perfect agent for each customer: use of predictive analytics in call routing
  • The digital retail experience: Vodafone’s video enabled contact centre
David RICHARDSSenior Director, Commercial Systems
DHL Express

Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Assistance

The way we consume information is fundamentally evolving, and in a digital age where data is readily available, this is all linked to effort; instead of searching through a series of data or a comprehensive FAQ’s page, consumers want you to do the heavy lifting. Google Now, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are all mainstream means of combating this trend, and indeed these applications can make your life easier; proactively assessing traffic to tell you what time to leave for work, or automatically tracking the status of your flight or parcel. The variety of applications for Virtual Assistants are expanding at an outstanding rate (largely in parallel with the sophistication of artificial intelligence and machine learning) – and not least in the contact centre.

During my session, I will be exploring these benefits in further detail, alongside the demand and varying applications for Virtual Assistant in the modern contact centre.”

  • AI for IA, the next generation of customer service” (Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Assistance)
  • Customer service in Industry 4.0
  • Industry 4.0 being the next big buzz word, about the next generation of automation/manufacturing/communications. This is going to be huge in the future but is already upon us)
Simon SEPARGHANMD, Global Contact & Digital Channels

Colleague Engagement

How strong engagement and focus on Wellbeing leads to delivering a customer excellence?

Simon will share Barclays experience and view of how strong a colleague’s engagement is linked to Wellbeing, delivers lower attrition and better customer experience.

The presentation will talk through Barclays Global Contact Centres focus on Wellbeing, creating a culture of care, ownership and colleague engagement initiatives across all groups of colleagues.