Kristina Judina

Head of Customer Service

Elisa Eesti


Building Excellent Customer Service in Cooperation With AI

Opportunities, how AI can be used to improve customer service and become the biggest helper and friend for the front line. The questions that will be answered during the presentation: How to increase overall contact centre customer satisfaction? What are the ways contact centre agents can build customer loyalty? How can technology and the human touch work together to create the ultimate customer experience?

  • Lifelong learning in customer service
  • Implementing AI and automation in contact centres for improved customer experiences and frontline life
  • The role of empathy and emotional intelligence in contact centre interaction

Sara Joy

Associate Director, Head of Experience Design and Strategy



Simplifying the Complexity to Improve Customer Experience

Simple is not easy, but simple is powerful. Throughout history, we have seen how simple mechanisms, frameworks, and ideas can be used to create powerful solutions that stand the test of time. The insights we gain as we look at patterns help us to simplify the seemingly complex. Sara Joy will share how you can lead your teams to explore and leverage patterns to truly simplify the complexities to create delightful experiences.

  • A look at the complexities around us and the importance to simplify
  • Examples of how we might use patterns to simplify the complexities
  • Case Study of how we used this principle at AT&T to understand the customer journey and fuel technology transformation

Miguel Angel Carrasco

Customer Care Director



Messaging: The Killer Application to Digitalise Our Customers

Orange Spain has clearly bet to open a strong messaging channel for its customers with great operational results. Customers and Agents just love it. Nevertheless, the main objective is to convert it into the main ally for the traditional digital self-care channels

  • The origin of the channel. How to build it, and where are the hurdles?
  • Main KPIs you should take care of
  • The Business Case. Does it fly?
  • Should you move customers between channels? How to?

Daniel Sánchez-Cordero Canela

Data Governance Officer

A1 Telekom Austria Group


Avoiding Privacy Pitfalls in Contact Centres

To grow and thrive in a post-COVID world, swift digital transformations are vital. Contact centres have emerged as key central points for which organisations manage all customer interactions across various channels. However, consumers are becoming increasingly international about what types of data they share – and with whom. Such demand has led to the emergence of regulations such as the GDPR. We will present several pitfalls to avoid in order to mitigate risks as well as foster a trustworthy business advantage.

  • Change of customer behaviours
  • Mail problems arising due to privacy regulations across Europe
  • Common pitfalls when creating customer journeys & improving insights into customer behaviours: Over and under compliance.
  • What is the future outlook?