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Attached | Language intelligence

Attached | Language intelligence has been a trusted language intelligence provider to many international companies. Even though the company caters to a wide variety of clients with specialized translation needs (legal, technical, financial, IT), Attached has built a strong international reputation in the fields of marketing content, customer contact and customer loyalty programs.

The need of brands to further personalize the relationship with their customers has almost become synonymous with the need for localization of their communication and customer experience. The language professionals at Attached work together with their clients on a daily basis, localizing content for contact centres, co-creating personalized e-mails into 15+ languages, translating strategic market researches, localizing training courses, copywriting content for company websites and subtitling inspiring videos for social media.


Based in San Francisco, California, and Hasselt, Belgium, Sparkcentral is a messaging customer service platform company with a mission to change the way customer service is delivered around the world. The company wants to spark a movement to connect businesses with customers through messaging, whether through social media or private messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS text, live messaging, or any other digital messaging means. Leading brands around the world – including Netflix, Slack, ENGIE, KBC Bank & Insurance and citizenM hotels – rely on Sparkcentral’s Messaging Customer Service platform.


LivePerson makes life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. LiveEngage, the company’s enterprise-class platform, empowers consumers to stop wasting time on hold with 1-800 numbers and, instead, message their favorite brands just as they do with friends and family. More than 18,000 businesses, including Adobe, HSBC, EE, IBM, L’Oréal, Orange, PNC, and The Home Depot, rely on the unparalleled intelligence, security, and scalability of LiveEngage to reduce costs, increase lifetime value, and create meaningful connections with consumers.
LivePerson has been innovating digital connections between brands and consumers for more than 20 years, starting with the invention of live chat on websites by our founder and CEO, Robert LoCascio, back in 1995. Since then, it’s been driving consumer communication technology through the evolution of predictive intelligence and customer transcript insights.
LivePerson is driving today’s new era of messaging, conversational design, and the integration of bots/AI into the customer care of the world’s largest brands.


Transcom’s service portfolio is designed around creating smarter people experiences, increasing loyalty and driving growth
As a true partner, we actively support your digital agenda. Combining our core services with leading digital capabilities and tools, we offer future proof customer facing concepts, improving quality and operational efficiency.
Our core services include CX advisory, customer service, technical support, customer retention, customer acquisition, cross-selling & upselling, and collections.



Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. With enterprise-class performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world, including IBM, Acxiom, Discovery Education and Peloton, rely on Talkdesk to power their customer interactions.


KIAMO is a multichannel contact center solution that helps companies manage their customer relations on a day-to-day basis. KIAMO captures, prioritises and distributes all multimedia flows depending on business rules, availability and employee skills.
KIAMO responds perfectly to the challenges met by customer relations managers who need a unified customer strategy to improve their relational performance and quality of service. Available in hosted or on-premise mode, KIAMO has been helping major companies across Europe to improve the effectiveness of their Customer Relationship for about 15 years : Carrefour, BNP Paribas, Veolia, Decathlon, Yves Rocher, Raja …
Kiamo’s business model is indirect. We partner with value added integrators. #Keepintouch if you want Kiamo in your solutions portfolio !


Xceed is the leading multilingual BPO and Customer Experience Service Provider in EMEA region with a capacity of 8000 web-enabled multi-channels stations, serving clients covering the US, Canada, Europe and Middle East in (8) different languages ( Arabic, English ,French, German, Spanish, Italian , Portuguese & Greek).We currently operate from (8) sites in Egypt & Morocco.
Our Clients enjoy our world class services while maintaining highly efficient costs.
We have extensive experience in numerous industries such as Telecoms, Fast Food, Technology, Tourism, Automotive ,Financial Services, FMCG and Health Care, delivering superior quality and value to our clients.
Our services include Customer Contact through Omni Channel & Shared Services (HRO & FAO).


The data revolution will disrupt 70% of all economy leader’s value chains within the next 10 years. This disruption is already visible in the B2C model and it will be increasingly present in B2B2C and B2B sectors in the near future.
At Atos we take full responsibility in accompanying our clients in facing these challenges. We collect, orchestrate, protect and transform their data into the material they need for their business, helping them to evolve and be ahead of their market.
But we don’t stop there. We leverage on our digital expertise and industry knowledge, to innovate, improve our performance and bring even more value to our clients.
Atos Quantum program is the climax of this vision. Quantum computing is the only sustainable technology allowing unprecedented computer acceleration. It will help us address the explosion of Big Data and solve the most complex problems for our clients.


TO BOOK YOUR STAND Contact please Mr. Ronald Russo on +421 221 025 324 or



Solution providers at the 10th Annual Optimising Contact Centres Summit are selected based on the requirements and interests of our delegates.

The best way to showcase your expertise, solutions and services to a highly relevant audience is to sponsor an Allan Lloyds’ conference.

Our conferences are for senior level professionals only. In sponsoring our event, you will be in contact with decision makers in your industry, meaning you will be networking directly with the right people who are looking for the solutions that you provide.

Why to exhibit with Allan Lloyds?

Create a competitive advantage

Participating as a sponsor at our summit takes you straight to your target audience. Demonstrate your business advantage in this competitive market and increase your profile with potential clients and provide good presence for your existing ones.

Build customer relationship

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors. We provide you with the most effective way how to gain great visibility among international attendees, build up your name recognition and differentiate from your competition.

Choose a package according to your needs

Speaking slots? Moderating? Stands? Choose the right way how to showcase your expertise to the audience. We can create a package that will be suitable for your budget and meet all your requirements.

Let people experience your value

Conference schedule allows maximum personal interaction between exhibitors and delegates. Networking coffee breaks and cocktail receptions provide you with an opportunity to discuss your solutions and services with delegates, speakers and potential partners in relaxed atmosphere.

Deliverables of Sponsoring:

  • Company profile gaining
  • Increase of Revenue & Brand awareness
  • Exposure maximization
  • Proving your good presence for your existing clients in the competitive market
  • Face to Face networking and benefit from prearranged one to one meeting
  • Product Showcase
  • Summit speech holding
  • Qualified Leads Acquiring
  • Delegates reach

Like all our Summits the event is tailored to meet your requirements and be discussed. If you are interested in sponsoring and looking to reach professionals from leading companies, please email for more Information.

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors.



TO BOOK YOUR STAND Contact please Mr. Ronald Russo
on +421 221 025 324 or


You will be contacted shortly.

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